Our Objective

“Our primary objective is service.” Since our start in 1996, SFMC has been committed to providing the highest quality management services available. We work with associations large and small, established and developing. Our philosophy of providing exemplary service is built around a team of professionals who understand the ins and outs of what makes your community association operate effectively and efficiently. From administrative support and accounting to the maintenance and operational knowledge of our skilled community association managers, we all work together to provide professional, responsive service to your community association.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be recognized for exemplary customer service, outstanding professionalism, and innovative problem-solving.

Our Approach

Our approach to management isn’t simply about waiting for the board of directors to give us instructions or about following the board’s directives. We employ our knowledge and expertise to proactively assist the board, to provide guidance and to make recommendations based upon many years of direct experience. We know that two heads are better than one and our management team collaborates to exchange ideas so that we can offer the best possible solutions to the challenges community associations may face. We’re more than elaborate, automated systems. We are professionals who will work harder than anyone else to make your community better. 

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